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The Backlot is a community where icon makers can post their work related to classic films, actors, and actresses. You will find icons here featuring people such as Marilyn Monroe, Humphrey Bogart, and Judy Garland; and films such as Casablanca, Some Like It Hot, and Gone With the Wind. These, of course, are only a few of the countless subjects you'll find here.

As of February 20, 2007, I, chairs, am taking over this community for loramir, who brought this lovely little place into existence. If you have any questions concerning this community, feel free to email or instant message me. Leaving a comment on my journal is also perfectly fine.

If you are unsure which movies qualify as classics...well, I can't really help you. As you can see from our attempt to define "classic" (here), there's no real definition. Look through the archives to get a feel for what has been posted thus far, and other than that, it's up to you. I'm not too terribly picky here, so I'm not going to chase you away screaming if I don't consider the same movies classics as you do.

the rules
+ If you have more than three icons, place the rest behind an LJ cut.
+ You may link to your journal or icon journal; however, please post a notice if it is friends only.
+ If you are linking off-site (to an icon site, pictures, etc.) please include 'target="_blank"' in your link html so that the site will open in a new window.
+ If you must type like this--hi u guyz!!!11! omg i <3 iconz!!!1! they r so kewl!!!1!1--please refrain from posting. I will delete it, even if your icons are good.
+ If your icons contain nudity or profanity, please place them behind a cut and post a very visible warning.
+ Please post only icons relating to classic movies. If you have a post which contains a majority of relevant icons, I'll probably accept it, but if you have 2 Marilyn icons in with 40 Kill Bill ones, I'll delete your post.
+ If you are posting bases, please include whether or not they may be modified.
+ If your post includes multiple stars or films, please list them. I may be a movie buff but I'm certainly not familiar with every single star and movie. It makes archiving a lot easier.
+ Try to split posts with over 5 films or stars. I can only assign 5 keywords per post in the memories, so if you have 8 different actors in your post, only 5 will get archived.

+ Each icon maker may have different conditions and rules for use of their icons. Please respect them.
+ Do not ever hotlink to any icons, regardless of whether the owner specifies this or not. It is downright rude and may prevent others from using the icon.

Promoting Communities
+ You may promote your community only if it relates to this topic. Do not post gigantic banners, please.

If you have a request for an icon, please abide by the following requirements:
+ Do not post requests like this: "Does anyone know where I can find some good ____ icons? I really want some. Thanks!" All icons available in this community will be archived in the memories. If they are not there, they are not available here. There are communities to help you find icons you're looking for. This is not one of them.
+ Only request icons relating to the topic of this community. Requests for pictures of you and your best friend will be deleted.
+ Don't ask people to remove text from other people's icons. It's pretty much impossible, and technically is stealing the original anyway.


Affiliates may be communities with similar topics or individual icon journals who make predominantly classic movie icons. Please comment here.

Links to non-LJ sites dealing with classic movies or classic movie stars may be found here (comment to be added).

Links to members' icon journals or sites may be found here (comment to be added). If you wish to see more of a certain member's work or simply explore icon journals, this is where to look.
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